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Our School is a co-educational English Medium School managed by Ch.Sheeshram Education Culture Welfare and Charitable Society. The management is trying its level best to maintain a very high standard of education and to provide all modern facilities to the students which are necessary for all round development of child's personality. The school encourage and reinforce the positive qualities in the children helping them to be self reliant and confident.

The School imparts education on modern methods of teaching. Besides computer training, art & craft, sports, dance, debate competition and writing competition form an integral part of curriculum. It is hoped that the parents will co-operate with the school management for the maximum..writing competition form an integral part of curriculum.

Results speak it loud

Modeling excellence

J. K. International Public School prides itself in announcing results every year. With students recurrently excelling in Board and competitive examinations whilst showcasing their academic mettle to the best has categorized us among the best CBSE schools in Delhi (NCR).

CBSE 10 (Year 2018-19)

Pass result : 100%

CBSE 10 (Year 2019-20)

Pass result : 96.8%

CBSE 10 (Year 2020-21)

Pass result : 97.5%
Facilities and Amenities

Creating Our Children’s Future

The school has been specially designed to inculcate a warm and welcoming environment to foster and promote children’s creativity.


Safe and well equipped Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science laboratories are there to keep the flow of practical flow of science.


The school library provides a welcoming learning environment tothe students and the staff, supports school's aims and curriculum and encourages love .


The school building at this stage, occupies a covered area of more than 8,500 Plants add an expected touch of greenery and give a somewhat somber ambience


We know the health benefits of exposing our students to the natural rays of the sun, which is why the architectural structure of our campus is such that it is flooded with natural sunlight throughout the day. LED lights, a resource efficient option, are used only when this natural light dims or is short in supply.


The safety of our students is very critical to us. We strive to make each and every student feel safe within the premises, and the parents feel secure about their child's whereabouts. Which is why, besides traditional security guards, we have installed hundreds of CCTV cameras within the school to provide that extra layer of safety. We also carefully scrutinise the backgrounds of each member of staff and working personnel who come into direct or indirect contact with students.


We have taken special care to promote physical activity among students while they are on the campus, which can boost their health. Walkable environments within and outside the campus connect students to green spaces and therapeutic landscapes which encourage physical activity and potentially reduces absenteeism due to ill health.

Specialised Pre-primary Classroom

Kindergarten Play Area

Art & Craft Lab


IT Lab

Educational Quizzes

Audio-Visual Room

Football Ground

Basketball Court

Badminton Court

Indoor Sports


J.K. International Public School

Message from Chairman

"Dear Parents,

Welcome to our new session of 2021-22. Like every year, this year also we are feeling proud that school is stepping forward and achieving excellence in both scholastic and co scholastic aspects of education. We believe that children are the most beautiful and innocent creation of god. It is up to us to shape and mould them in what ever form we want. Our children represent our hopes and dreams. As a present, you want the best for your child. At School we create an atmosphere of reverence for education and healthy environment where work, sports and co-curricular activities will mould our students and spur them on to be the brightest and the best.We wish you all a very rewarding and successful experience at J.K. International Public School."


J.K. International Public School

Message from Principal

"Dear Parents,

Over the last two decades, we have seen rapid technological and economical changes in our country. The dreams and ambitions of parents for their children have grown is irrespective of their urban or rural location, small towns or metropolitan background. Our children will enter a future, where they will have to compete with others from diverse backgrounds. J.K. International Public School brings the high quality education in pristine environment closer to your home, so that you don’t have to look towards the far flung city for right education for your child. We appreciate that each child is unique, with on potential strengths. "



Hear what parents say

J.K. International Public School

Our Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Sheetal Chowdhary Principal
Mrs. Neeta Sharma Vice Principal
Mrs. Vineta Ch. PRT
Mrs. Kamla Devi PRT
Mrs. Shobhagyawati PRT
Ms. Laxmi PRT
Ms. Vandana PRT
Ms. Ragini PRT
Ms. Pooja kaushik PRT
Ms. Rajwati PRT
Mr. Ravinder kaushik PTI
Mr. Rahul kumar SP. ED.
Ms. Yogita TGT
Ms. Aarti bhatt TGT
Mr. V.p. singh TGT
Ms. Pooja ch. TGT
Ms. Richa Anand Singh TGT
Ms. Sunita TGT
Ms. Manju TGT
Ms. Shika tyagi PGT
Ms. Soniya tyagi PGT
Ms. Shashi PGT
Mr. Amjad khan PGT
Ms. Geeta PGT
T.N. Gupta PGT
Mr. Pradeep kumar PGT
Neeraj tiwari PGT
Mr. Ravi tomar LIB
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